Single Source of Truth

The Optimal Experience

Optimus automates and optimizes the manual processes needed to keep your finance and payment back-office running smoothly enabling teams to be more agile, innovative & productive.

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OUR 24/24/24 PROMISE

In this world, you can’t afford time & resources to get system online. That’s why we changed the game.Optimus is live within 24 hours, all your data is configured with in 24 days by our experts and delivers a return on investment in 24 weeks. 

Scalability across regions

Optimus is live 24/7 and processes more than billion transactions annually across AWS & Azure across multiple regions ensuring optimal security and speed.

No Implementation or IT cost

There’s no installation, hardware or maintenance to worry about. Everything you need to succeed is included as standard, from the initial setup to onboarding and training.

Zero code environment

Optimus's zero code drag & drop interface seamlessly automates complex business processes and workflows without any IT support in matter of minutes.

Battle tested by Fortune 500

From leading omni-channel retailers to largest payment providers across the globe ,Optimus is the trusted payment back-office platform for fast growing companies


One Platform For The Complete Lifecycle Of Payments


Orchestrate and Normalize

Automatically gathers, normalizes and transforms your operational data from across Payments Service Providers, Accounting Products, ERPs, Banks and Databases, without coding reducing GTM time from months to days.

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Reconcile & Resolve

Seamlessly matches, validates and reconciles millions of transactions throughout the order-to-cash cycle in seconds. Automatically resolve exceptions in real-time—dramatically improving your customer service response times and outcomes

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Analyze & Report

Drive informed decisions across your payments, finance, and accounting teams with clear transactional-level insights from in-depth analytics. Create custom finance, accounting, and payment reports with just a few clicks that are pushed directly to your inbox.

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 Track & Account

Track balances and money movement across all your accounts, with precise financial accuracy using core accounting primitives and double-entry standards.

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Platform Designed For Scale


Today companies work with multiple payment providers, banks, databases etc. to provide an omni-channel experience to their customers leaving operations teams to to deal with complex data at scale.


A plug & play cloud platform that automates and optimizes all the manual processes needed to keep finance and payment operations running smoothly without writing a single line of code.


This allows organization to securely scale, ensure revenue assurance, respond quickly to disruptions and achieve efficiencies in a wide range of back-office activities enabling teams to be more agile, innovative & productive.

See how Optimus can change the way your organization works